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Vacant Home Staging

We have an inventory of furnishings with everything needed to stage your listing.

A vacant property benefits greatly from staging because, believe it or not, most buyers cannot visualize what the possibilities are for an empty room. So even if the house is perfect in every way, an empty house just doesn’t feel like “home”— and home buying is as much an emotional decision as it is a business decision. Vacant properties present their own set of challenges.  Their rooms appear smaller than when strategically furnished. Not to mention cold and uninviting. 

Effective staging of vacant properties requires a balance between “neutral” and “exciting”.  It’s important that a staged property not appear too static or bare.  Each must be unique and engaging, and not shy about exhibiting some character.  We create a welcoming environment that allows the buyer to envision a lifestyle in the property creating an attachment that says “home”. Our custom approach determines what chord to strike with buyers depending upon the property location, the building, the target market, and the sale price.

Vacant Home Staging

Staging a property can help increase offers or sell your property weeks before a non-staged home might close. An expert interior design firm like Decor Decorum understands what Northern Virginia residents are looking for in a home, and can transform your property into that ideal space. With access to a 5,000 square foot warehouse filled with premium furniture, we can stage any Northern Virginia property in any style.

  • Starting at $2550 + Accessory usage and/or furniture rental fee
  • Please contact us for Realtor pricing