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Occupied Enhancement

We can re-arrange your furniture and accessories to photograph fabulously and sell faster!

Oftentimes homeowners must remain in the property while it is being listed and find that it can be challenging and stressful to create sales appeal while accommodating daily life. Decor Decorum works with homeowners to achieve the proper stress-free balance necessary to market and sell your property. We realize our clients in Northern Virginia lead busy lives and we are here to help! Our background in interior design allows us to strategically create a well-balanced and inviting atmosphere to attract buyers. We’ll stream line each room to remove clutter and highlight the positive attributes, while creating that “must have” feeling for potential buyers. Our highly skilled crew will manage all of the ins and outs of staging while you plan for the move!

Occupied Enhancement

Decor Decorum will rearrange the client’s accessories and furniture to transform the property to appeal to the widest market possible. Please contact us for more information.

  • $2550 per day
  • Please contact us for Realtor pricing