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Initial Design Consultation

A new house or a new look? Decor Decorum will help you put together a plan to make it everything you want and more!

We work with each client to explore the elements of living that create both pride and comfort. The right color palettes, the right materials and the right logic in a journey through a living space  from a statement of occasion in a room designed for entertaining to the cosiness of a family room or bedroom. And whatever mood is being created, the importance of practicality  a usable space  is always top of mind. From grandeur to modesty, form always follows function.

We understand that design is more than just aesthetics; it is a multi-faceted process that is influenced by many factors. Instead we work directly with skilled artisans to provide unique, luxurious furnishings and finishes. We have built trusted, direct relationships with the very finest craftsmen across numerous specialist disciplines.

Initial Design Consultation

This service is for clients looking to define the scope of their project. Decor Decorum will discuss options for furniture selections and placement, paint colors, lighting, plumbing fixtures, hardware, flooring, etc. While carefully listening to the client’s needs and goals, Decor Decorum will offer suggestions to create the desired result for your home.

  • $475